JOYA -  Hula-Inspired Dance Fitness

JOYA is a movement art and dance fitness practice that blends the breath practices, body awareness and healing properties of Yoga, Chigong, and T'ai Chi with the tropical flow of Hula.  

In a JOYA class, participants learn basic Hula and Chi Gong steps and motions while dancing to inspiring music from Hawaii and around the world. 

JOYA flow circulates and recharges the universal life energy (the Chi of the Taoists, the Prana of the Yogis, and Mana of the Hawaiians) and restores balance, harmony, health and well-being.   

JOYA was created 
and is taught by Zoe Miner.
Zoe has been a student 
of ancient and modern Hula for over 20 years, received her yoga training in India, and has also studied and continues to practice Chigong, T’ai Chi, and modern dance.

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